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1st May 2016
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A Eureka Moment for The Creative Clinic

Not one to shy away from intercontinental adventure, our latest escapades have taken us far and wide in search of the world’s tastiest and most reliably sourced food! Enter Eureka Cove, a new food company sensation for whom brand story is every bit as important as the scrupulously high quality of product they provide.


The driving force behind the company is none other than the founder of the successful ‘healthy-eats’ brand ‘Great Food’ – Richard Loebenberg. Following the nationwide success of the veggie-centric Great Food, Richard wanted to expand both his audience and his offering, and so, Eureka Cove was born. Based on the exploits of adventurous brand personality ‘Richie The Explorer’, the brand story depicts his travels to far away places in search of the highest quality food. Eureka Cove then distributes their range of products to high profile food outlets around the country.


This is where we come in. Brand stories are an integral part of every campaign but its only every so often you have the chance to develop an entire personality responsible for championing the brand – and that’s just what we’ve done! From personalised Facebook and Twitter accounts to the copy on packaging to the emails customers receive, ‘Richie’ is a brand-wide voice. Our team of designers and copywriters are still in the early and exciting stages of his development but we can’t wait to see how he grows as Eureka Cove does!


The Creative Clinic is designing packaging, website, social media, advertising and more to help the newly launched brand expand and grow. We’ll keep you informed of our tasty work!