By choosing to work with us, you are partnering with an agency that formally commits 50% of its time and resource each year to working on projects and clients that have a direct social impact and which make a significant difference to the lives of others in our community.

Not only does our work for our clients have a positive outreach, but as an agency, and as a team of individuals, we believe we demonstrate strong corporate social responsibility and impact in our own right, across a wide range of causes and subjects. Creative Clinic works with groups that are improving the lives of people and the streets in which we live, ‘giving’ agency time and resource to supporting community projects and initiatives. From supporting a number of local and special needs schools in their marketing activities and fundraising, to donating design and digital skills in support of capital projects that benefit whole communities, and from physically volunteering to making financial contributions, our ethos of giving something back whenever we can, runs deep.

As an agency we are passionate about mental health related projects and activity. As individuals many of us have been touched personally by the subject and give our own time to furthering learning and challenging the surrounding stigma.

Beyond Shame Beyond Stigma is a newly formed charity founded by leading mental health campaigner Jonny Benjamin. We have chosen to support Jonny’s amazing and world-changing work, free of charge, for many years.

Every two years our client ZM brings kids with cancer from overseas for an action packed week in London. We volunteer and help out when they are here and have pledged two days of agency time to the 2019 camp next Summer.

North London Aquatics is presently seeking to raise £4.5m to fund a deep water pool. We have donated a logo, animation and consultancy time to support their application for funding to the Mayor of London.

Our creative director chaired his local town’s high street regeneration project, leading to a £1.4m high street investment in the town centre, and personally managing a community arts festival, Christmas event and monthly food market.

Our senior designer devotes her evenings and weekends to running a Scout troop for kids aged 11-14. Other members of the team sit on their PTAs and undertake fundraising for their pet charities.