case study: travel brand and website design

Travel with ambition

The Dragon Trip Brochure

Travel with ambition

The digital journey of booking a personal trip, from first thought to final purchase, can be long and complex. If a travel brand wishes to reach customers in 2018, it must do so with digital content and a savvy digital marketing campaign – all of which Creative Clinic can bring to life.

Whether tour operator or agency,  a website is a brand’s lifeblood, and the proper roll out of that content is the basis for creating a stand-out digital experience. If executed correctly, it can provide immersive and stunning insights into what time abroad can really be like for a customer. Of course, all companies will choose to do this differently, some will focus on evocative photography, others pen accounts of sweet abandon in paradise and some will implement both, alongside careful SEO and efficient CRM campaigns, all aligned under one unifying brand and what we like to call: travel marketing with ambition.

From Dragon Trip and CRCC to Ocean Florida and Berkley Travel, we’ve raised the stakes when it comes to taking their audiences on a digital trip of a lifetime with our Brand. Build. Business three step process…


Dragon Trip offers an adventure to the Far East like no other, a hands-on experience fuelled by the desire to explore and discover. Our challenge was to rebrand their existing voice and visual aesthetic so as to better communicate this sense of authentic travel, and so, the strapline “No tourist traps, just Dragon Trips” was born. With this overarching statement in place, the reinvigorated brand started to take form. The Creative Clinic created three sub-brands, China Adventures, Japan Adventures and Learning Tours, each with their own visual identity and deconstructed into their separate offerings in order to maximise the simplicity of user experience. These sub-brands are all recognisably distinct from one another thanks to their individual colour schemes, but share the same emotive voice designed to resonate with audiences seeking adventure and cultural discovery. This shared voice formed the Core Brand or brand essence of Dragon Trip – a fresh company-wide DNA that would make the team adopt a whole new way of thinking, all of which was summarised in a brand book provided by us to facilitate consistency across all branded materials and website solution.


CRCC Asia are the leading provider of international internships, they work with over 600 companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City and Manchester to provide students and graduates the opportunity to further their personal and professional development in a dynamic, international setting. Wanting to build on their successful brand they partnered with the Creative Clinic to reinvigorate their brand and re-platform their web offering.

Once the brand had been refreshed, our skilled team of designers and developers crafted together a brand-spanking new responsive website which includes:

  • Fresh visual identity across all navigation and sub-navigation
  • GDPR compliant data-capture application form
  • Substantial navigation and task-bar functionality improvements
  • Fully responsive chat function
  • Search Engine Optimised against competitive key phrases to improve Google climb
The Dragon Trip website design and build


With brand foundations set, a digital presence established and marketing tools at the ready, it’s time to boost business. Whether it’s your campaign mission to drive awareness and build traffic or convert enquiries into holiday bookings, we will plan, implement and refine campaigns geared towards generating business – testing and tweaking as we go for maximum ‘return on investment’ and with the ultimate goal of serving up success.

From email marketing for fellow Creative Clinic client Ocean Holidays to a viral marketing campaign for Alberta Holidays, we can shape your campaign through a selection or combination of the following…

> Campaign collateral

> Print and online advertising

> E-CRM strategy and deliverables

> Bespoke social media management and implementation

> Campaign specific SEO packages

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6th February 2018

case study: brand and website design for travel sector

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