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9th April 2020

branding, campaign, marketing, live action films and animations for crowdfunding charity event, raising over £1m in 36 hours


Langdon is a UK-wide learning disability and autism charity. In October 2021 they embarked upon the biggest fundraising event they had ever run, which was a crowdfunding campaign called ‘Livingness Live!’. The campaign raised £1,015,473 in just 36 hours, which then crept up to £1,038,822 over the following days.

During the two days of the campaign all donations given were matched by philanthropists and patrons, making every £1 raised worth twice as much as at any other time of the year. It was therefore critical that the campaign was powerful, emotive and distinctive in its branding, messaging and assets in order to maximise the opportunity.

‘Livingness’ is all about empowering people to live their best lives and be their very best selves, something that Langdon enables for hundreds of young people. The campaign therefore consisted of a narrative built around Livingness, showing examples of how the people with learning disabilities that Langdon support live independently, have jobs and enjoy the same opportunities as everybody else.

The lynchpin of the campaign was the creation of eight separate but visually connected live action and animated short films to demonstrate what Livingness is and how Langdon Members experience Livingness. Six of the films utilised live action footage that we scripted, directed, shot and edited with overlaid animated motion graphics (produced in-house) to enhance the narrative and create a distinctive visual style. Two of the films were purely 2D animations, with one being a distillation of content from a hefty written strategy document provided by the charity, that we simplified down into a two minute summary of Langdon’s objectives and plans over the next three years.

These films were shared across social media, on the campaign donation website and amongst charity ambassadors who promoted awareness of the crowdfunder through their own networks in order to drive donations.

The campaign was supported by digital, press and outdoor advertising as well as social media and specific content on the Langdon website. Various items of print were also created including an ‘ambassadors brochure’ used to recruit campaign supporters and team leaders in advance, as well as an ‘easy read’ brochure designed to enable Members with learning difficulties to better understand the new three year strategy and what we were doing with the campaign.

Langdon Banner Advert

In addition to the production of a two minute animated strategy summary film, we also created a standalone strategy website with interactive elements for users to explore, with the aim of making the information as accessible and engaging as possible,

Although Livingness Live! was the largest fundraising campaign that Langdon has ever run, the work produced formed part of Creative Clinic’s wider and ongoing remit to support the charity with its other fundraising, marketing, communications and digital activities.

Langdon Livingness Live! crowdfunder total