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Outdoor campaign for domestic violence charity launches

48_sheet_FiveWays_webJWA domestic abuse campaign

1 in 4 women experiences domestic abuse in her lifetime, but the charity Jewish Women’s Aid (JWA) say that many people don’t believe that it happens to women within the Jewish community. The truth is that the Jewish community is no different to any other.


In a wide-reaching attempt to challenge and address these misconceptions, we recently worked with our long-standing client JWA to create and launch a thought-provoking and stigma-challenging UK-wide campaign that aimed to raise awareness of domestic violence and abuse against women within the Jewish community.


This ground-breaking campaign – planned to coincide with IDEVAW (the annual International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) aimed to galvanise the Jewish community in to supporting Jewish women living with domestic violence and to challenge the stigma surrounding domestic abuse.


To challenge misconceptions and help raise the profile of the charity, we utilised outdoor media by placing the bold message “Domestic violence happens in this area” on posters of various sizes across the UK. This provocative message was intended to make people think differently about domestic abuse and consider that it is taking place around us all, even within the Jewish community.


The posters featured an image of a map with a location pin floating above it (which is actually an upside down version of the JWA teardrop logo) to emphasise how domestic abuse is taking place on our door steps and affecting Jewish women in local communities.


As well as utilising roadside media, adshels and a 48 sheet billboard, JWA’s committed team of volunteers supported the campaign by ensuring that the poster was displayed in dozens of shops, offices and Jewish institutions across the UK.


The campaign also incorporated extensive use of social media, encouraging people to share the key messages with as many people as possible. A fundraising pack was also created for donors and volunteers.


We are proud to have worked on such a high profile campaign dealing with such an important not-for profit cause. The Creative Clinic devised and helped execute the campaign, including concept, copywriting, design and media selection and purchase.


This has been the seventh and arguably most effective campaign that we have worked with JWA on. Other examples of the work we have produced for them can be viewed here.