Creative Clinic Studios bring you the visually stunning and engaging video content that your brand deserves. Bringing innovation, creativity and effective communication together under one roof, let’s bring your ambition to life..

talking heads

Testimonials, interviews, a smiling face. The perfect way to put a face to your brand and create that personal connection to your market.


Whether it’s building the buzz or reminiscing the night, we can produce content helping make your event that extra something special.

commercial, promo & ads

Innovative and creative solutions to bringing your business, product or story straight to your audience, leaving them wanting more.

case studies

Open the door to your audience and let them in on how it all works, what goes into the brand and what drives them to you.

charity appeals

Bring your audience closer to the community and issues you’re raising awareness for with appropriate and professional means.

editing & animation

Got footage sitting around collecting dust? Feel like your logo needs bringing to life? Send it our way and we’ll turn it into something you’ll be proud to call your own.