project brief

Tart Modern have reinvented the famous Portuguese Nata, bringing their own modern twist onto the custard filled pastry. Although the brand is as vibrant as can be, they needed to bring some life and movement to their landing page, and show the products being enjoyed by authentic and satisfied customers.

project details

Working from the temporary stand they had set up in Stratford, Westfield shopping centre, we had to capture the process of the tarts being cooked, shelved and sold on to customers, and recreate that feeling of desire through the film for a tart. We worked with a one-man crew on a shoot lasting less than a day, getting each moment of the previously mentioned process. Following this, there was an initial 3-4 days for post-production, however due to a few changes in the messaging and request for some additional visuals, this was slightly extended. We worked alongside the client the entire time to ensure they were happy at each stage with what was being produced was in line with their ideas and aspirations for their brand.