project brief

Covent Garden is a melting pot of cultural influences from around the world enjoyed by thousands of people daily, and Yaki-Yaki are no exception. Originally a Japanese street food, the savoury waffle treats bring a taste of Asia to the London high street. They required a something on the website showcasing all the different types of food available and what goes into them, resulting in a mouth-watering brand film.

project details

As a client, we are creating content for them on a consistent basis. The film was brought together over a few different shoots, usually no more than half a day each, capturing the process and making of each product, any events they were hosting and any limited-edition specials that were on offer. The use of speed ramping throughout the film is done to match the fast pace in which you are served as well as showing all the tantalising and tasty ingredients which go into their products. It was then brought together within a two-week period whilst some shoots were still in process before finally coming together in time to launch the website.