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UCLH Charity
30th July 2020

branding, marketing, advertising, website, menus and social media for modern middle eastern restaurant


Delicatessen is a refined restaurant in the affluent London neighbourhood of Hampstead. It brings culinary tastes from the middle east direct to its customers in North London.

For all its rave reviews, and a loyal fanbase, Delicatessen lacked a true cohesive design style that balanced the fine dining experience with the heritage of its food offering. The Creative Clinic were ordered up to serve a new look and feel that really got across the full flavour of this brand.

The new website, built by The Creative Clinic, was designed to have the feel of a journey.

The movement and ‘scrap book’ design were created to be reminiscent of a travel journal, or personal photo album, to truly capture the imagination and draw people in to the experience of the restaurant.

With any brand having a cohesive look and feel across all assets is paramount. None more so than with Delicatessen which has to strike a fine balance between being overtly promotional whilst maintaining a level of high-end integrity.

Designs of the menu, social posts and other elements of the brand mix are all infused with middle eastern motifs taken from the restaurant; tiles on the wall become backdrops to the menus, the rich colours and flavours of the food become subtle highlights in the designs.