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30th July 2020
29th June 2023

Website and campaigns for leading social care charity

Jewish Care

Design, planning, strategy, visual and brand language, UX and build of extensive website overhaul for large charity.

Jewish Care is the leading provider of care and community services for the Jewish community in London and the South-East. Every week the organisation touches over 10,000 lives through its care homes, retirement living schemes, community centres, assisted living schemes, dementia centres, meals on wheels service, care bus and telephone helpline. The charity has thousands of professional staff (from care provision to marketing and fundraising), volunteers, donors and fundraisers.

Jewish Care came to Creative Clinic to provide an overhaul of their digital identity and provision, and also to support with a cost of living crisis awareness and fundraising campaign. Given the scale of the organisation and the charity’s multiple audiences and stakeholders, many who have accessibility needs and would be considered vulnerable, it was critical to create an approach that was sympathetic, easy to use and accessible.

Our over-arching concept was to deliver the Jewish Care experience that the target audience knows and trusts, but digitally and ‘on-tap’. The ‘on-tap’ idea relates to having a vast bank of information and resources available at any time, anywhere, whilst also alluding to the simplicity of use (being able to tap on a touch-screen and find what is needed quickly).

The result is a highly effective, regularly visited website incorporating a number of ground-breaking features for a site within the care sector that include a cost-of-care calculator providing immediate transparency around care fees (which are often less easy to find on many other providers’ websites) and a free streaming / catch-up video service so that users can enjoy talks, performances and exercises from their own homes rather than just by attending sessions in person (beneficial for older people who may not easily be able to travel).

The site includes an enhanced donation and events booking section, a chat-bot, animated video explainer guides, accessibility features, helpful resources, and areas for volunteers and fundraising. The site launch was supported by campaign press advertising and social content, highlighting specific features of value to the target audience.

We also produced a fundraising and awareness campaign around the cost of living crisis which utilised direct mail, press advertising, e-marketing, social media and film. This campaign, centring around the idea that as an organisation Jewish Care can’t just ‘turn things off’ as we might individually do at home to save money on energy, exceeded fundraising expectations.

Ellisa Estrin, Director of Marketing, Communications & Customer Engagement at Jewish Care wrote to us with the following: “I just wanted to say the response we have had from both our staff and trustees in response to our new website has been truly phenomenal!! People are absolutely raving about it, thank you so much for all the hard work, thinking and high delivery that has gone into this. Thanks again to all of you, you guys are the ‘dream team’!”