3rd January 2019
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30th June 2023

professional dental equipment website design and e-commerce build

NSK Dental

NSK are dedicated to delivering high-performance dentistry products internationally at affordable prices. Working closely with dental professionals to understand the needs and requirements of individual dental disciplines, NSK helps meet daily demands in restorative procedures, prosthetics, endodontics, orthodontics, oral hygiene and surgical procedures.

Creative Clinic was appointed as NSK retained website agency to maintain, develop and manage NSK UK website, followed by an additional 6 more websites for their other country businesses. Each website needed to be translated into its respective language, manages its own product catalogue and has their own distribution and fulfilment. We were tasked to design, build and maximise the user experience of the e-commerce sites.

Each of NSK’s countries have slightly different setups and particular needs, in regards to their dealers and distributors therefore their e-commerce websites required bespoke solutions. Particularly in regards to the CMS, we build all of our websites in a way where our clients can easily work with the website themselves.

Initial stages:
We specified, wire-framed and then designed the sites. Took pre-existing brand styles and adapted them to work for the e-commerce site.

We needed to work with them to understand the inner workings of the dentistry sector and how to take orders online to work with their own fulfilment and delivery solutions.

As NSK is one of our retained clients, we are there to support and bring to life any questions and ideas they may have.
Constantly improving usability and working on technical snags with our in-house development team.

As a brand that has never been online, Creative Clinic was able to support them through the transitional process, from finding the right e-commerce solution to providing them with the training they needed to manage their shop.