3rd January 2019
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30th June 2023

gourmet pet treats website design and e-commerce build

Pet Munchies

Pet Munchies is a Premium, gourmet treats retail brand, products are all-natural and made with high quality, human-grade meat and fish.

Multi Award-Winning brand “Dogs love the way they taste, it’s all down to the ingredients. Every one of our products are ‘Sealed with a Dog’s Approval’.

Pet Munchies was an in-store retail brand only, during the pandemic, however, after a high demand for online purchases, they decided to offer their customers an e-commerce platform. Their intent was to cater to their customer’s needs and widen their audience reach.

Creative Clinic was appointed to produce an e-commerce website using the pre-existing Pet Munchies brand style and colours. We were tasked to design, build and maximise the UX of the website.

We specified, wireframed and then designed the sites. Took pre-existing brand styles and adapted them to work for the e-commerce site.

As part of this website project, Creative Clinic expanded Pet Munchies’ brand portfolio to include and introduce additional colours to the pallet in order to reflect the tones of the website.

For the website assets, these were created bespoke by Creative Clinic and included; visual graphics to match the approach and icons to reflect the product’s key benefits.

E-commerce specifications included the implementation of ‘multi-buy’ functionality and uploading over 45 different products to the website.

Pet Munchies was able to go live before the second lockdown and as a result, are now serving pets across the UK on their own online platform.

With a brand that has never been online, Creative Clinic was able to support them through the transitional process, from finding the right e-commerce solution to providing them with the training they needed to manage their shop as well as supporting them through the purchase to door process.