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UCLH Charity
30th July 2020

branding, marketing, advertising, website, menus and social media for middle eastern quick service restaurant


PITA is a well known North London fast food institution that was looking to move venue and also move its brand to the next level.

Having worked with PITA for many years, The Creative Clinic were tasked with re-invigorating the brand to take it from a grab-and-go establishment to a cafe culture, quality food experience.

Our team set to work getting to the heart of the brand which is not just about the freshness of the ingredients but also the power it puts in your hand to create your own lunch.

We wanted to create a sense of ‘shoreditch cool’ in the heart of North London to give us stand out and to make the whole brand more approachable to an audience that encompasses everything from office workers looking for lunch, friends grabbing a bite together, and families sitting down for a relaxing end of the day meal.

The remit of our branding included a new and up-to-date logo, photographic style, art direction and the website – as well as input in to the design of the new restaurant.

PITA now has a very modern and fresh brand style that accurately gives an essence of the offering from the moment someone visits the website to the second they leave the venue with their lunch in hand.