3rd January 2019
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30th June 2023

brand identity and website design & build for SRM platform


b2b branding

Suppeco is a B2B brand consultancy that offers a software service platform particularly focussed around financial services, logistics, communications, defence, SI consultancy, and public-sectors.

Their innovative software solution enables them to manage and optimise contracted technology and business relationships. Their ambition is to be the global leader, the trusted relationship growth enabler for companies and suppliers worldwide.

Initially, Suppeco was a sub-brand to an existing brand; Euroca who built the software service platform. They were looking to expand this software to the wider public and decided the software needed to have its own brand under the name Suppeco.

Creative Clinic was appointed to create an entire refresh of the Suppeco brand.

We were asked to develop a new brand identity including logo, colour pallet and assets which they could then roll out and use within their investment and document presentations.

We were also tasked to design and develop a website to reflect the new brand style and make sure the brand messaging comes across throughout the website.

We were tasked to design, build and maximise the UX of the website.

Creative Clinic specified, wireframed and designed the website.

As part of this website project, Creative Clinic expanded Suppeco’s brand portfolio to include and introduce additional colours to the pallet in order to reflect the tones of the website.

For the website assets, these were created bespoke by Creative Clinic and included; visual graphics to match the approach and icons to reflect the product’s key benefits.

Rebranding in the B2B world is important to reinvigorate a long-established brand particularly to generate excitement within the company and to clients.

It’s key for B2B brands to reflect on how they can strengthen their business values through the way they communicate with clients.

This sector particularly needs to make the right impression on prospective clients by displaying the benefits of their product/ service with examples of how they have enhanced the productivity of previous clients through their messaging.

We fulfilled all of these needs for Suppeco by conducting an audit, workshop and interviews with key people in the company before any work began. This allowed us to have the best foundations to launch this new brand and website.