3rd January 2019
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30th June 2023

branding and e-commerce website for internationally renowned artist and gallery

The Wolberg Studio

The Wolberg Studio represents pioneering artworks by George Wolberg, an internationally renowned artist, engineer, author, inventor, professor and expert in image warping.

George’s art is composed of tens of thousands of tiny pins placed in an exact sequence that when viewed from a small distance, create stunning images, fine details and a subtle tonality never seen before in this medium. The results are innovative and dramatic, accounting for the artist rapidly gaining an international following.

Creative Clinic was approached by the artist to help establish a brand name and language.

Taking cues from the nineteenth century art movement ‘pointillism’ – a technique of painting with small, distinct dots of colour that are applied in patterns to form an image – the phrase ‘pintilism’ was coined, since the artworks combine image design, technology, engineering and fabrication to produce 3D sculptural and tactile images built up from thousands of tiny pins on canvas.

Creative Clinic has created The Wolberg Studio brand identity and two e-commerce websites, each catering for a UK and US audience. There is also a physical gallery located in central London that carries the branding and allows people to experience the collections for themselves.